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आओ अंग्रेजी सीखें challenging words

1) Covet (verb)  (परम इच्छा ) : kuv-it

Meaning –  To greatly desire something you lack

Synonyms – desire, crave, long for.

Antonyms- despise, abjure, abhor

Example -Every student who is preparing for government exams, tends to covet a government job as soon as possible.
2) Plenary (adjective) (परिपूर्ण): ple-na-ry

Meaning – attended by all members of a group

Synonyms –  unconditional, unlimited, unrestricted.

Antonyms – incomplete, restricted, partial

Example – At the plenary meeting, all shareholders can vote on the proposal.

3) Vitality (noun) ( प्राण):  viy-tal-i-tee

Meaning – energy; strength

Synonyms –  liveliness, spiritedness, energy.

Antonyms – laziness, dullness, fatigue

Example – The doctor was proud to see his patient was full of vitality.
4)Boomerang (verb)(पीछे हटना): boo-mer-ang

Meaning – to recoil or return unexpectedly, causing harm to its originator

Synonyms –  backfire, recoil, come back

Antonyms- composition, function, work

Example – He risks defeat in the referendum which he called, but which threatens to boomerang against him. 
5) Lure (verb) (आकर्षित / प्रेरित):  lure

Meaning – an inducement to pleasure or gain

Synonyms –  tempt, persuade, attract/induce.

Antonyms – repel, dissuade, alert

Example – The promise of easy money is always the lure for some people to take up a life of crime

6) Biennial (adjective) (द्विवाषिक )  : bi-en-ni-al

Meaning –  taking place/happening every two years.

Synonyms -:  bi-yearly

Antonyms – perennial, annual, constant

Example -Because the celebration is biennial, you will have to wait two years to attend the religious event.
7)Unseemly (adjective) ) (अनुचित): un-seem-lee

Meaning –  not good taste

Synonyms –   improper, inappropriate, undignified.

Antonyms –  proper, decorous, suitable

Example – Eating food with your fingers is considered unseemly in most social environments.
8) Poach (verb)  (चोरी,): poch

Meaning – to take something illegally

Synonyms –  steal, take, acquire (in an unfair way).

Antonyms –  give

Example – Security cameras have been installed in the mall to guard against the people who poach.
9) Pursuit (noun) (तलाश ,आकांक्षा ): per-soot

Meaning – the act of going after something or someone

Synonyms –  aspiration for, quest for, search for.

Antonyms – retreat, surrender, avocation

Example – The police officer is in pursuit of the escaped prisoner.
10) Augment (verb)  ( वृद्धि): com-pound

Meaning – to increase the size or amount of something

Synonyms –  heighten, intensify, increase.

Antonyms – alleviate , contract

Example -Reading regularly will augment your vocabulary skills.

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