आओ अंग्रेजी सीखें चैलेंजिंग वर्ड्स

Challenging wordS

1) Plummet(noun)  – (तेजी से गिरावट) – pluhm-it

Meaning –  to drop abruptly

Synonyms –  fall steeply/sharply, plunge, tumble.

Antonyms – ascend ,rise , escalate

Example –  Because the number of deer in the area has started to plummet, deer hunting has been temporarily banned.
2) Substantive (noun) ( मूल ,मौलिक) – suhb-stun-tiv

Meaning -associated with issues of key importance

Synonyms – important, meaning

Antonyms –  uninmportant , inessential

Example – At next week’s meeting, the city council will vote on a substantive issue which is affecting the entire town.
3) Dilemma (noun) (दुविधा) –  dih-lem-uh

Meaning –   a situation in which you have to make a tough choice

Synonyms – difficulty, problem, conundrum.

Antonyms – solution , answer , resolution

Example – Most of the student’s dilemma is that they couldn’t decide which career to choose.
4) Onerous (adjective)– (कष्टदायक) – one-rus

Meaning- involving great effort and difficulty

Synonyms –  inconvenient, troublesome, awkward.

Antonyms -effortless, simple

Example – While the assignment seems simple, in reality, it is quite onerous.
5) Conveyance (noun)   (वाहन) – kun-vey-uns

Meaning – relocating a person or item usually by means of a large vehicle

Synonyms – transfer, transmission, transport

Example – Tour buses are used for theconveyance of tourists from one famous location to another.
6) Gambit (noun)    (रणनीति, योजना) –  gam-bit

Meaning –  something done or said in order to gain a benefit or advantage

Synonyms –  strategy, plan, course of action.

Example – Some people get free lunch many times by performing their gambit of leaving their purse at home.
7) Glitch (noun)    (गड़बड़) –  gli-tch

Meaning –   a sudden malfunction

Synonyms –  problem, difficulty, issue/complication.

Example – A serious glitch at the ticket counter caused several customers to be inconvenienced while waiting for the airline system to be repaired.
8) Stagger (verb)   (लड़खड़ाहट) –  sta-gar

Meaning – to cause to waver or doubt

Synonyms –  arrange/order something alternatively at intervals. 

Example -When Bill was offered a higher salary, he started to stagger on his decision to leave the company.
9) Kick in (phrasal verb)– (प्रभाव में आया)  – kic-in

Meaning –  come into effect.

Example – The homoeopathic medicinetakes some time to kick in.
10) Pan out (phrasal verb)  (समाप्त) -pan-out

Meaning –  end up; conclude.

Synonyms –  turn/work out, conclude, result.

Antonyms – 

Example – He’s happy with the way the dealpanned out
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